Nexus Ventures Group


Located in the United States of America, Nexus Ventures Group is a private placement firm that empowers its clients to attain their financial objectives and to protect their wealth. We make sure our clients’ financial dreams are accomplished by successfully strategizing and executing superlative plans. Our investment strategies are created by aptly focusing on three key elements – profitability, counterbalancing risks and safety.
Nexus Ventures Group takes their clients’ fiduciary responsibility very seriously and provides well-crafted, goal-based, and personalized financial management services.

Nexus Capital Inc. consists of individuals with unique backgrounds and interests. We care about creating financial strategies to grow their wealth, pursue their goals, and ultimately attain their financial dreams.


Nadir Noorani, MBA

With more than fifteen years of experience in financial services industry and planning, Nadir Noorani manages fiduciary accounts of Nexus Capital Inc. clients. Nadir brings more than decade of experience from Bank of America where he served several retail and commercial clients. He holds securities license Series 65 (Uniform Investment Advisor) and the Uniform Investment Adviser Law certification, which consists of laws, regulations, ethics and other subject matters, such as retirement planning, portfolio management strategies and fiduciary responsibilities. His extensive experience in the financial services industry has enabled him to become expert in providing optimal advisory services through Nexus Capital Inc.. Nadir brings a tremendous amount of technical and value based financial institution knowledge to Nexus Capital Inc., which enables him to provide the best investment advice to his clients.


Anup Desai, CPA, MBA

Anup Desai is a Member of the American Institute of the CPAs and the North Carolina Association of CPAs. He has over twenty years of experience in public accounting for extensive corporate and personal income tax planning knowledge. Anup also has private industry experience having worked as a CFO for a number of years.